Monday, 15 October 2012

Hand Held Hearts Mitts

Following the return of my knitting mojo (yay!) I decided it was time to move to some seasonal knits, with the added bonus of stash busting my rather overflowing yarn boxes.  In the mood for some stranded/colourwork mitts, the Hand Held Hearts pattern by Mette Jin Mayland instantly grabbed me as perfect.  A bit of stash rummaging came up with a combination of the gorgeous cerise Cascade 220 yarn and Noro Kureyon 240...oh look, my favourite colour combination!

The pattern is fabulously quick (although knitting with DPN's whilst breastfeeding does result in the occasional boob stabbing!) It took a quick google to learn the technique for the Vikkel Braid (I used this youtube video) but this...

quickly (well, for me!) became this...

I'm a bit *meh* about the odd orangey pink flecks in the section of the Noro below the thumb but hey, that's Noro for you!   I'm just casting on the second mitt now but am also considering a matching slouch hat as I have more than enough yarn.  After that, I most definitely need a green shawl and have some gorgeous handspun yarn I *need* to knit up too... 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Another FO!

It may have been hibernating for the best part of a year...and I couldn't be bothered to buy more yarn (as this was gifted to me!) to make a full dress, but the Versa is finally finished!!  One ball of the Marble Chunky was sufficient to make a 7yo tunic and Rach seems rather pleased with it :-)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The next...or rather an old WIP and reading

Having finished the Color Affection I decided to tackle the WIP basket...although it has long since migrated from the basket as the cats kept eating my yarn!  Profoundly sick of garter stitch I decided the Spectra was toast as was the Ashton as I wasn't particularly enamoured with the Kauni...I never am though!  Both have been frogged leaving me Rachael's Versa to finish before I move on to some seasonal hat and hand warmer knitting.  I managed a couple of pattern repeats yesterday leaving me with around half left to do.

The smallest two and myself are all ill at the moment though with a viral/vomiting type thing so I'm mainly amusing myself with my kindle (not in that way...!)  I'm about to start Archangel's Storm by Nalini Singh which should keep me busy through tomorrow if I can bear to put it down to sleep tonight!  The small one's nap this afternoon was *extremely* happily spent reading The Monster Within by Lola Rayne.  Recommended by the superb Amber Lynn Natusch on FB, I was hooked from the first few pages!  Always one for sharp wit and sarcasm with the added bonus of some nookie and paranormal going's on, what's not to love!  Definitely another series/author to add to my list of favourites.

Finally...a FO

It would appear that having the smallest one has stolen my knitting has having the husbeast at home!  Hence my Color Affection WIP has taken an absolute age to complete, literally doing an odd row here and there on the odd occasion I was sat breastfeeding with my knitting bag close and nothing else to do.  Add the fact I detest garter stitch, yarn barfs...I've been ready to frog the lots several times but finally managed to cast off this weekend.  Wash, blocked and dried I'm happy enough to forget how long it's taken and enjoy it!