Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Finger slippage

In a moment of weakness I brought something that I was supposed to add to the husbeast's present inspiration list (aka the list of nice things I'd like for Christmas/Birthday/Mother's Day!)  This gorgeous little twig brooch from I Am Acrylic caught my eye and I thought it would make an ideal shawl pin, of which I desperately need more of!  Turns out it really does look great :-)   Fortunately they have several other designs I'm coveting that Lee can buy me should he feel the need.

The Color Affection isn't actually finished (still...yes...I know!  I am met with ridicule from the husbeast every time he sees me knitting it!) but I am at least on the last repeat of section three before starting the border.  It should be finished before the end of the year at least hehe

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