Monday, 25 June 2012


I really dislike Mondays with a passion and have done for years!  Today is no exception and the grouchy baby, splitting headache and whining kids aren't particularly helping. 

As far as knitting goes, that's another reason to be grumpy as the skein of yarn I'm working from currently looks like this...

Yarn barf, anyone?  I'm absolutely hopeless at untangling yarn too so may have to appeal my knittery type friends for help!

The Color Affection knitalong has stalled as a result of the above - I've not picked it up for days.  I have, however, only got three more repeats of the 1st section pattern to go though (and hopefully enough yarn untangled for them) so will dry my tears and knit on!

The other reason for the lack of, already rare, knitting time is the guilty pleasure that is my kindle and paranormal romance books!  I started the Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunter series this weekend and am already on book three, Night Embrace. I'm thoroughly enjoying them and whilst I have Oliver finally asleep in a mei tai, I'm off to sit back in the garden under the beautiful blue sky to finish a few more chapters.

I think the cat has the best idea though...after a bit more garden clearing earlier (it's a jungle out there!) he was more than happy to plonk himself in a rediscovered planter and doze off in the shade.

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