Tuesday, 27 November 2012

One of those sad posts

It's taken me 4 weeks to complete this blog post.  I've written it and deleted it and started it again.  Some things look crap no matter how you write them though.

4 weeks ago today my mum died.  On Thursday, as a handful of family and closest friends, we said goodbye at the green burial she wanted.  Most days it's a dull hurt in the background with the flare of pain that is the realisation she won't answer the phone when I call, won't be here for Christmas... 

I miss her so much but she will always be here with me, I only have to look in the mirror to see her.

She was the most wonderful, beautiful, creative, stubborn woman.  I'm strong because she was proud of me, I'm holding my head high, because I am my mother's daughter and I will not let anything beat me.  

I love you, mum, always <3

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Casting off...

...always makes me squeeeeee!!

Ok, so these technically are grafted with kitchener stitch but there was still squee-ing :-P

Happily adding Hand Held Hearts to my FO pile, a really quick enjoyable knit which look fantastic IMHO  They'll definitely keep my hands warm this winter!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Hand Held Hearts Mitts

Following the return of my knitting mojo (yay!) I decided it was time to move to some seasonal knits, with the added bonus of stash busting my rather overflowing yarn boxes.  In the mood for some stranded/colourwork mitts, the Hand Held Hearts pattern by Mette Jin Mayland instantly grabbed me as perfect.  A bit of stash rummaging came up with a combination of the gorgeous cerise Cascade 220 yarn and Noro Kureyon 240...oh look, my favourite colour combination!

The pattern is fabulously quick (although knitting with DPN's whilst breastfeeding does result in the occasional boob stabbing!) It took a quick google to learn the technique for the Vikkel Braid (I used this youtube video) but this...

quickly (well, for me!) became this...

I'm a bit *meh* about the odd orangey pink flecks in the section of the Noro below the thumb but hey, that's Noro for you!   I'm just casting on the second mitt now but am also considering a matching slouch hat as I have more than enough yarn.  After that, I most definitely need a green shawl and have some gorgeous handspun yarn I *need* to knit up too... 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Another FO!

It may have been hibernating for the best part of a year...and I couldn't be bothered to buy more yarn (as this was gifted to me!) to make a full dress, but the Versa is finally finished!!  One ball of the Marble Chunky was sufficient to make a 7yo tunic and Rach seems rather pleased with it :-)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The next...or rather an old WIP and reading

Having finished the Color Affection I decided to tackle the WIP basket...although it has long since migrated from the basket as the cats kept eating my yarn!  Profoundly sick of garter stitch I decided the Spectra was toast as was the Ashton as I wasn't particularly enamoured with the Kauni...I never am though!  Both have been frogged leaving me Rachael's Versa to finish before I move on to some seasonal hat and hand warmer knitting.  I managed a couple of pattern repeats yesterday leaving me with around half left to do.

The smallest two and myself are all ill at the moment though with a viral/vomiting type thing so I'm mainly amusing myself with my kindle (not in that way...!)  I'm about to start Archangel's Storm by Nalini Singh which should keep me busy through tomorrow if I can bear to put it down to sleep tonight!  The small one's nap this afternoon was *extremely* happily spent reading The Monster Within by Lola Rayne.  Recommended by the superb Amber Lynn Natusch on FB, I was hooked from the first few pages!  Always one for sharp wit and sarcasm with the added bonus of some nookie and paranormal going's on, what's not to love!  Definitely another series/author to add to my list of favourites.

Finally...a FO

It would appear that having the smallest one has stolen my knitting mojo...as has having the husbeast at home!  Hence my Color Affection WIP has taken an absolute age to complete, literally doing an odd row here and there on the odd occasion I was sat breastfeeding with my knitting bag close and nothing else to do.  Add the fact I detest garter stitch, yarn barfs...I've been ready to frog the lots several times but finally managed to cast off this weekend.  Wash, blocked and dried I'm happy enough to forget how long it's taken and enjoy it!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Half birthday's

Unbelievably the smallest one was six months old today!  I can't believe how quickly the time has flown but felt the need for a gratuitous cute photo post ;-)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Finger slippage

In a moment of weakness I brought something that I was supposed to add to the husbeast's present inspiration list (aka the list of nice things I'd like for Christmas/Birthday/Mother's Day!)  This gorgeous little twig brooch from I Am Acrylic caught my eye and I thought it would make an ideal shawl pin, of which I desperately need more of!  Turns out it really does look great :-)   Fortunately they have several other designs I'm coveting that Lee can buy me should he feel the need.

The Color Affection isn't actually finished (still...yes...I know!  I am met with ridicule from the husbeast every time he sees me knitting it!) but I am at least on the last repeat of section three before starting the border.  It should be finished before the end of the year at least hehe

Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Curly Girl is six!

Yet another birthday here :)  This time it's Rachael who was six on Friday.  The main present she requested was a tad delayed but has arrived today and is a HUGE hit!

Meet Rose, a custom 16" traditional Waldorf Doll by Little Oke Dolls

She's the perfect companion for Becky, the waldorf doll I made for Rachael's 3rd birthday.  I think it's very much love at first sight!

And a gratuitous gorgeous curly girl shot <3

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Yarn Porn!

It's been a looooong time since I treated myself to yarn <mini violins playing etc> but I really could not resist this amazing handspun merino sparkle rainbow yarn from Dye Spin Knit. With three skeins I should have more than enough to make something completely amazing...when I decide what will do the beautiful yarn justice!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Baby led weaning...or not!

The shouty boy is getting increasingly interested in food and so the baby led mess weaning begins.  Alas he wasn't particularly impressed with today's stolen toasted english muffin! 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Not back to school

We're lucky enough to live within walking distance of some distinctly lovely places and along with several other friends we spent today taking advantage of the sunshine and not being at school with an afternoon of foraging for elderberries and blackberries followed by a splash around in the river.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Then there were stripes

Life is still a bit wobbly and upside down here. I'm trying my hardest not to turn to my two favourite coping mechanisms of sugar and becoming a hermit!

I seem to have very much lost the will to craft as a result and haven't even been reaching for the kindle to continue reading the Dark-Hunter series. But yesterday afternoon I picked up my Color Affection WIP again and have now finished the first section and added four C1 stripes too...methinks my knitting mojo may be making a come back!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Birthday Boy!

Today was my, not so little, gorgeous boy Vaughan's 4th birthday. We all had a lovely day with fabulous friends and of course, chocolate cake!!  Here's his emo modelling pose wearing his new gnome hat.

Emo Gnome Boy by nyree_dawn

Thursday, 28 June 2012


Whilst meh-ness is very much not a word, it sums up this week to perfection!  Everything is all incredibly crap and depressing and just, well, meh!

As a result I have got absolutely zero knitting done <sob>  I have managed to carry on with the Dark-Hunter series as I read late at night on my iPhone, so am now half way through book 5, Kiss of the Night.

We've had some spectacular storms today which not only suited my mood well but kept me and the kids amused as we danced and played in the rain.

Monday, 25 June 2012


I really dislike Mondays with a passion and have done for years!  Today is no exception and the grouchy baby, splitting headache and whining kids aren't particularly helping. 

As far as knitting goes, that's another reason to be grumpy as the skein of yarn I'm working from currently looks like this...

Yarn barf, anyone?  I'm absolutely hopeless at untangling yarn too so may have to appeal my knittery type friends for help!

The Color Affection knitalong has stalled as a result of the above - I've not picked it up for days.  I have, however, only got three more repeats of the 1st section pattern to go though (and hopefully enough yarn untangled for them) so will dry my tears and knit on!

The other reason for the lack of, already rare, knitting time is the guilty pleasure that is my kindle and paranormal romance books!  I started the Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunter series this weekend and am already on book three, Night Embrace. I'm thoroughly enjoying them and whilst I have Oliver finally asleep in a mei tai, I'm off to sit back in the garden under the beautiful blue sky to finish a few more chapters.

I think the cat has the best idea though...after a bit more garden clearing earlier (it's a jungle out there!) he was more than happy to plonk himself in a rediscovered planter and doze off in the shade.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pretty Presents

The best gifts are the unexpected ones...and the oh so very gorgeous ones! Like the new fabulous Ness purse which I have been lusting after for months and am currently sat filling and organising, thanks to the rather lovely people that brought it for me!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

And sleeping (occasionally)

Sleep does not happen much here! For me at least LOL The joys of our rather dysfunctional family life means we are all very much night owls and go to bed/sleep late. And Oliver, as with all my children, does not really understand the concept of sleep unless he is feeding or being worn.

Even so, there is something astoundingly beautiful about a sleeping baby...

Monday, 18 June 2012


I have to confess, knitting depresses me at the moment. Or rather lack of knitting. I quite literally snatch a few minutes when Oliver has fallen asleep whilst feeding and even then it has to be with him on the right (well, left!) side and with my WIP nearby...and I generally forfeit the short "me" time for working on my phone/laptop <sigh>

With 3 projects on the go I was determined not to start another but I'm easily swayed, especially by all the gorgeous pictures of friends taking part in the Crafts from the Cwtch knitalong. The pattern, Color Affection by Veera Välimäki called for three co-ordinating yarns so a raid of the stash came up with these:

From left to right: Fyberspates Unicorn, Knit Picks Bare (which has been a tangled mess for nearly two years!) and Noro Silk Garden Lite, which is left over from a wedding shrug I made a couple of years a go.

The pattern is easily memorised, so ideal for knitting whilst feeding although I imagine it'll be next June before I actually manage to finish it (or even untangle that skein of yarn!)


It's been a while since I've had time to update so here goes for a mammoth amounts of posts!

I've generally always been a Didy girl with the odd Girasol, Hopp and Lana thrown in when it comes to my wrap stash. Just before Oliver was born I snagged an Oscha JK Coll Ooki off FSOT and despite it being a size smaller than I prefer I was hooked! Once the Natural Mama Oscha's started arriving and I saw one in the flesh I knew I needed one and sure enough, once our shortie arrived it was love at first site.

I was then lucky enough to be online as the new Oscha's were uploaded to the shop and was incredibly naughty (been a long time since I brought a new release!) But it was so worth it as we are amazingly in love with our new Oscha Roses Scarista <3

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Too many WIP's...

...and no where near enough time to knit (or blog, for that matter although I have every intention of getting back on that wagon!)

On the needles at the moment I have:
a Versa for Rachael in James C Brett Marble Chunky (MC29)
an Ashton Shawlette in Kauni (EY)
and a barely started Spectra in Araucania Ranco which I acid dyed black, along with some Tropical Fish Zauberball.

The Versa is the farthest along and has been on the go the longest so I'm going to try to attempt to finish it first, despite it being totally unseasonal now!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

There really are six now

Oliver Lucas arrived at 6.20am on 29th March 2012, born unassisted after a 35 minute labour, weighing a squishy 10lb 11.5oz.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Shiny New Blog!

It's been a while since I abandoned my last blog and since it's the time of year for new beginnings again, here's a new one! The blog title <then there were six> is a bit of misnomer at the moment as I'm sat here at 40+1 weeks pregnant waiting for our 4th baby to arrive (the photo below is the bump 3 days ago). As is typical with our family, he is proving to be slightly stubborn but it does at least mean I have some extra time to set up and start this blogging lark!

As to what you're likely to be bored by if you stick around to read...waffle about knitting, babywearing, life as an autonomous home edding family, probably a bit about dieting (well, the lack of for the moment) and if my current mood is anything to go by, lots of non specific ranting!