Thursday, 13 October 2011

Farewells and Hello's

I don't blog anymore it seems.  I used to use it as a place to vent and waffle but it seemed to lose its sanctuary for me.

Things have been busy here.  It's been 6 months tomorrow since we moved.  So much has happened, so much has changed...

Last week we said a sudden painful farewell to our old Lab X Collie, Fern.  Old age and poor health meant that even though vaccinated, the local outbreak of CPV took her from us.  It was only 9 hours overnight from the first time she vomited to her taking her last breath.  As a VN I knew what it was as soon as the second lot of symptoms hit, the smell of CPV is something you never forget.  Luckily we had somewhere I could isolate her from our other dog that could also be properly disinfected and Willow, whilst older is in better health anyway.  I'd forgotten how easy it is to turn the VN in me back on...and how as much as I can hold it together on the surface, inside having to bag and cleaning up your own animal hurts so much.

On a happier note, at 17 weeks pregnant, we indulged this week and went for a private sexing scan.  Despite my earlier gut feelings (but something I had recently been reconsidering!) it's a little boy and poor DD burst into tears as soon as it was announced.  We now at least have another 20 or so weeks to find a name we actually like.