Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Year...

It has been ages since I blogged...or rather ages since I published anything I've written!

It's been an odd few months to say the least.  I threw myself into organising the Xmas Toy Orders and was intensely busy (so much so I was struggling) but it was all going to be worth it for the profit and the toys for our LO. Then, as I was placing the final orders with the distributors, I was told that someone had informed them of the pre-order offer I was running and they refused to supply me unless I provided certain information.  Devastated, I did as I was asked and then they changed the issues and asked for more information/statements. The whole thing stank of jealously and price fixing but they back peddled when approached yet still refused to supply unless I submitted certain "promises" all the while stalling and offering no assurances that I would receive my orders before Xmas even if I did what they wanted.

After a couple of weeks of hell I ended up letting down a huge amount of people, refunding £9k of orders and losing several hundreds of pounds in charges/fees. It also meant that with the lack of income and loss of money I had no money for Xmas for us at all :( Along with DH working constantly, 16-18 hour days, Christmas was, for me at least, rather sad. The kids enjoyed themselves but I'd wanted this year to be special. Next year maybe...

Healthwise, I've had a few dodgy weeks...looks like I DEFINITELY can't drink alcohol in any way :S and still hurt if I overdo things. Lost a bit more weight but Xmas probably undid all of that despite the lack of chocolate (more just the lack of doing anything!) I have slipped back into old eating habits since I had my op since I can now eat what I want-ish again so will have to re hash my attitude to food etc again as well as trying to locate my will power to diet!

The other exciting thing is our upcoming move. After spending a month with no boiler, having a bathroom that is falling apart, a leaky pipe that means DD's room is like a swimming pool, various other issues along with here being so damn isolated...we are moving to be nearer to friends.  A big thing for me as I hope the added bonus of being near friends will force me to finally kick the dregs of my agoraphobia. My depression has actually been relatively under control considering what's happened the last few months and I would love to be "normal" again LOL plus it will be sooo much better for the little ones.

Oh and as a kickstart to being more confident...I am planning on doing something just for babywearing instructors course! Something I was going to do but was kind of persuaded it was a bad idea. But I WANT to do it and am even planning on going alone and spending a few days alone (I will actually get a few nights sleeping on my own woohoo!) So I have a hellishly hectic few months ahead and am still struggling to kick Xmas flu and apathy...but it's a New Year, New Start, New Me ♥