Monday, 25 October 2010

I'm baaaaack! (yet again lol)

I actually have a valid reason for not blogging! No, really I do!

As I've said in previous posts, I have been having gallbladder pain/attacks for the last couple of months. I'd got to the point where I was basically eating chicken and noodles/rice all the time as even the slightest amount of fat was making me ill. Being me that didn't make me go to the Dr's...I just coped as I was and well, I actually like chicken and rice/noodles!

On Thursday, 30th Sept DH had taken a rare half day off and I started feeling ill before bedtime. Normally I stay up on my own and cope as best I can but this time it was MUCH more painful, nothing was relieving it and DH stayed up and was rather concerned. I was up all night which is much longer than an attack will usually last and spent the next day on the sofa feeling pants. DH slept all day and the LO pottered nicely enough. At about 9pm I bent over and was in instant pain again. I kind of knew then that it was more than just a gallbladder attack and after a few hours DH made me ring the out of hours dr who told me to go to A&E. I persuaded DH that if it still hurt in the morning I would (kids were all asleep etc) but honestly I was just totally petrified!! I spent all night unable to move without agonising pain throughout my abdomen (LOL and this is from someone who gave birth to a nearly 11lb baby with no pain relief!)

Finally admitted when I got up that I had to go to A&E....I even made sure I had a bag packed as I didn't think I'd be coming home :( At A&E I was sent to Majors within about 5 mins and then spent a rather long time with people trying to get blood and get a cannula in me as I was severely dehydrated. I was dosed up with morphine and given IV fluids - and it was bliss to finally be able to breathe (which was painful!) and relax (although very surreal trying to knit!). I was sent for x-rays of my chest and abdomen as they were concerned my lungs may be collapsing and/or I had a bowel obstruction. They came back clear and I was told that it was definitely gallbladder and acute pancreatitis....and that I was being transferred to a surgical ward.

I was moved to the Emergency Decisions Ward and then at midnight was taken via ambulance to the other hospital in Leicester. I had more tests (no one could get arterial blood samples for my blood gases so I had black wrists from the bruises and attempts) and was hooked up for more fluids and kept nil by mouth (hadn't kept anything down since Thursday anyway) A mix of tramadol/paracetamol & morphine and cyclazine kept the pain and nausea at bay and I was sent for an ultrasound on Sunday night which confirmed gallstones. The pancreatitis was also causing me to be hypoglycemic so I was on hourly to 2 hourly obs most of the time to add to the fun. I was surprised how bearable it was to stay in - although it was helped by meeting lovely people. There were times that it was obvious how over stretched things were....having to wait for an hour after asking for your regular pain relief...being moved beds constantly as the bed shortages were so severe :(

On Tuesday I was sent for a MRCP (MRI Scan). The night before I had been in a lot of pain, not slept, had a huge hypoglycemic episode and was just tired and worried and pissed off. When a nurse quite literally dropped a gown on the end of my bed and told me to totally strip and put it on and wait for my MRI I ended up sitting sobbing. The actual MRI was fine - naff music LOL but I actually did some hypnosis techniques and chilled out. I spent the rest of the day back on maximum doses of morphine though and was still a bit of a wreck - and then was told at 1am I was being moved to another ward across the other side of hospital so wasn't a happy bunny. The next day I finally got to eat - although even a round of toast was too much. I waited all day for my MRI results and then was told in the evening that I needed an ERCP (endoscopy) and then my Gallbladder removed. Apparently the earliest they could do the ERCP was the following Tuesday but I could possibly go home for the weekend. The following morning though the surgeon disagreed and said I didn't need the ERCP and an hour later I was told I was scheduled for emergency surgery that evening!

Cue pure panic....I actually wanted the op as I was still in pain and definitely did not want a recurrence...but was on my own and petrified. I was then once again told to strip and gown up (and do another pregnancy test - they are obsessed!) and then spent all day sat in a gown once again nil by mouth. I was moved to ANOTHER ward but a private room and by 6.30pm told DH he might as well come for his daily 7-8pm visit. At 6.55pm the surgeon came down to say I was next and I was being wheeled to theatre as DH arrived. Luckily for me the anaesthetic assistant had a vet background so we chatted and I geeked out over what they were knocking me out with whilst I had tests and ECG's. It was surreal to be knocked out as literally I remember being given the IV pain meds and then being told here's your Induction and then woke up as I was being moved from the trolley to my bed in recovery - the first thing I did was ask the time as I thought I had come straight out!! It was actually 2 hours later LOL

Unfortunately every time I closed my eyes my oxygen sats crashed (they actually did that when I was in labour with Harrison too) so I was put on oxygen. I was taken back up to the ward at 10ish and was okay (although could hardly talk from the intubation) until my pain meds wore off and then I had to go for a wee...ouch ouch ouch!! I was rather grateful for the morphine!! I was moved AGAIN (see a pattern!) in the morning (and rather badly they didn't reconnect my oxygen or even plug the damn bed in for ages...I was even left dumped in my bed at the end of the ward for about half an hour!)

I was allowed to go home if I could eat and my oxygen sats were okay so I sneakily did A LOT of deep breathing!! I actually didn't feel too bad, but once my morphine ran out it bloomin' hurt. They kicked me out of bed as soon as they gave me my TTO letter even though I had to wait an hour or so for DH to get there....missed my regular pain meds...had no water to take the ones I had either (and I even had to ask for dressings for my drains and wounds before I left)

2 weeks on and I'm okay. The pain is okay now unless I lift/stretch too much...I can finally bend again! Eating is okay as long as it's smallish amounts and not too fatty.  I took my own stitches out LOL (and gee, whoever stitched me up needs to practice!) My main scar was looking like it was going to badly keloid but LOTS of arnica is really helping. I do have withdrawal from dropping down my tramadol though - I cannot sleep at all and have really restless legs (I'm also an emotional miserable bitch)

I meant to take a couple of weeks off but instead was thrown straight into the chaos of my wooden toy Xmas pre-orders...I have to admit I am struggling. I am tired and behind on everything. We have also had no boiler now for 11 days and it is soooo cold and I neeeed a long hot shower. The only plus side - I lost all the weight I had put on ;)

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