Thursday, 16 September 2010

Ooo and jewellery too!

I'm not a huge jewellery fan - I like semi precious chunky stones and quirky things and actually tend to make my own! But a rather stylish mama introduced me to the delight of Lola Rose and I am utterly in love! I don't have that much but stalk the good old auction site for bargain and must haves and any sales.  My favourite things are the original tumble stone range and my new pink quartz one arrived yesterday

I also just took advantage of the Mid Season Special (although missed a few items I am desperate in love with!) and have a Casey Bracelet and Cameron Earrings set in Rose Pink Quartz and a set of three pairs of Finn earrings in Berry and Plum Quartzite and Blue Magnesite otw - I have been wibbling about ordering them since yesterday but DH insisted I got them before the offer ended!)

P.S Yes, many stash and blog posts due to carb and sugar withdrawal hehe

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