Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I'm baaaaack

Life has been hectic but since I once again seem to be in my hiding mode I decided to come back to blogging as a vent/rant/support type thing. Okay, I am the only one that reads it but it helps to type it out!!

Soooo....what have I been up to?


Well, after finding out the wedding was on the Friday not the Sunday as I thought I had a race to finish my knitting...but did it :) (even if I did make it shorter sleeved hehe!) I absolutely love the shrug and wear it often and very much intend on making more!

I don't have pics of me wearing it but here it is blocking

The Wedding

Despite spending ALOT of money on new clothes just in case - the dress fitted and it was actually an okay evening despite some old friends from our tainted past being there! Even managed to have my hair chopped off and henna'd it (and no, I don't do pics of me!)


I finally decided to change my shopping cart and a fantastic friend offered her services as a web designer, and set up new hosting and a new cart and a whole new look site for me!! It's been hard work but love the new shop and am back open again after a week shut - shame it is sooo quiet atm but when I am feeling better I will have to start marketing abit more (as I am not doing any atm!) I can also highly recommend NOT pouring boiling lanolin over you hand as it causes 2nd degree burns and hurts like a bastard!


Well, despite good intentions I never did restart dieting. The last month has just been a hell of flu and sicky bugs - then I started having gallbladder attacks which just left me totally wiped out from pain and lack of sleep. I have been very much neglecting myself again - eating totally crap, no vitamins, no sleep, not drinking enough....back to my old self!! This last week I have also felt incredibly down - and whilst PMT (and lack of starflower/EPO as I keep forgetting) hasn't helped if I am honest it is the whole dieting thing...I am beating myself up for falling off the wagon, for eating crap when I do and generally feeling I have failed. I have also put weight on over the last week so feel totally bleurgh, bloated and naff.

The Diet

And so - I am restarting.

I need to do this for me and I have totally proved to myself that I feel so naff when I eat rubbish. The effect the weight I have put back on has made me feel so so depressed as well. Unfortunately support at home is practically none existent, although DH does like the results on me!

So...I will go back to blogging and boring any one that reads about it!

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