Friday, 18 June 2010

The start...

Today is the day. The start of the diet and a new me (well, us as DH is doing it too!) I am actually looking forward to the process (or rather the result!) and am feeling positive.

Started the day with a nice cup of Green Tea and breakfast was a Strawberry shake (note to self to pick a new whisk up this weekend!!) My worst issue will be remembering to keep well hydrated as I have always been bad for forgetting to drink (and have now got out of the habit of always having a bottle of water with me from BF newborns!)

Talking of breastfeeding, I'm hoping that the diet doesn't affect V too much. He has cut down his BF a lot (for anyone who doesn't know me and is tutting at a BF mum doing a VLCD - V is 2 in 19 days so it's not his only source of food!) and I have even had a couple of night where he, whilst waking up, hasn't asked to feed. Although he does seem to always ask if I am at someone else's house or have people here LOL

Eeek - can't believe my baby is 2 in 19 days either!! Where has the time gone?

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