Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Ouch and Damn!

Today is a general BLAH day....surviving PMT without food was hard and surviving AF's arrival without filling my sore tummy with nice comforting food is harder!! The other ouch is for putting my hand in the washing up bowl and slicing the end of my index finger on a knife - is making knitting slow and painful and I now won't get my pressie finished for Friday :( Oh well would rather it take a few more days and be bigger then rush it!

The Damn....that would be even more bad news from DH's work with the investment group pulling out and handing all their shares over to his highly incompetent MD (since they could not legally get rid of him to continue the reshaping of the company that they had planned) He is looking for another job - nuff said.  Kind of gut wrenching worry mixed with a small amount of excitement as if he got a job elsewhere it would help *us* so much - no more 80+ hour  weeks, no more constantly tired DH... On a plus note - despite AF arriving - have now lost 17.2lbs :) :) :)

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