Saturday, 19 June 2010

Not too bad

Well, halfway through Day 2 and I don't feel too bad.  Tired, yes, but that's no different to usual!  Not helped by DH's mobile constantly waking me up this morning grrrrr

DH has decided not to do Exante....apparently he couldn't deal with the taste of the shakes/bars/soup or the concept of not actually eating food.  TBH it royally pissed me off as we had decided to do this together and he didn't even try :(  He knew it would be hard and that the shakes/soups wouldn't be like a McD's shake/Heinz Soup.  Ack well, I didn't cave last night when I felt so low that he quit on me before a day was up so I will be strong, carry on and celebrate the new me when I have lost the weight.

It not an easy option and yes, the thought of not eating is horrible...but the strictness and routine is something that I need (crave) right now and if I have to "suffer" a bit then so what...losing weight has been something I have wanted for years and I am so sick of feeling the way I do. Especially since the excess weight is a result of my breakdown/depression/comfort eating, looking in the mirror is a constant reminder of those things.

I will do this, I will lose weight....and I will be slimmer, healthier and happier as a result.

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