Monday, 14 June 2010

And a bit of knitting as well

To inspire me mainly as I am in a stage where I just keep frogging whole projects as I keep making stupid mistakes, or don't love the yarn or the knitted fabric.  Here's my first lace project (NM Craft Fairy - was rather gutted to have to give it away LOL but hope it is loved!)  It's a Forest Canopy Shawl in Lilac Breeze Crazy Zauberball.  I love the pattern and the yarn sooo much (and currently have another lace Zauberball shawl on the needles - this time for a fab friend...then I plan on making another shawl for MIL before starting on a Rainbow Kauni Lace shawl for myself!)

And just for laughs....this was my sock yarn stash as of last month....oops!  I've added 3 skiens of Posh Yarn today alone and have even succumbed to the Wollmeise Lust last week....shame my PP account is now empty (and I have already used my"wages" to buy a new Didy and a new leather Kipling bag!)

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