Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A brighter day

I finally managed to fix my row of knitting and things are back on track :D  It's such a nice quick and easy knit so hoping to finish the first repeat of Chart A today.  I am rather chuffed that I can read lace charts - for someone who had done no knitting this time last years I think I am doing quite well to be knitting lace hehe  My next thing to defeat is socks - but I have at least 2 more shawls to make before then!!

Scales are showing 10.6lbs off this morning (since Friday) which considering kebab and chips & a Ben and Jerry's on Saturday is rather fab!  Am kind of hoping I can hit a stone by Friday morning.  So surprised that I am not craving sugar as cakes/biscuits/chocolate are my downfall.  I just feel so positive that I can do this, and that once I have lost it all, I will maintain it as more than anything else atm I am craving a nice chicken salad!! Whilst I do did eat a lot of white carbs in huge quantities (rise, pasta, potatoes) I actually love veg and salad more and so a nice low carb diet should be easy with that in mind.  The lack of crap can only be a good think for the whole family as well - the kids are happy to eat juice ice lollies in vast quantities (the best way to keep active LO well hydrated!) and don't seem to missing biscuits/cake etc at all.

Off to make a milkshake :D

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