Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Urgh - ever had one of those days where just staying awake is a struggle?  At the moment it's a daily occurrence here.

We have over the last couple of weeks changed the sleeping arrangements in the house.  I finally tackled the dumping ground that was a spare room and turned it into a bedroom for DD (who has been asking for a bedroom of her own for ages - up until then she co-slept) and she was ecstatic and loved it....until she was ill over the bank holiday weekend.  Now we have a nightly routine of excuses why she can't sleep in there...."It's really really scary", "It's not pink enough", "The walls are white and I DON'T LIKE white", "The light is purple and I DON'T LIKE PURPLE"  *Sigh*

So with DD moving out of my bed, that meant that after ummm several (5ish!) years of sleeping apart (mainly due to his snoring/apnoea and lack of room due to co-sleeping with up to 3 LO!) the husbeast could move back in.  Which created 2 issues - he had been co-sleeping with DS1 who wasn't best pleased with having to sleep alone (although he actually happily falls asleep looking at books every night) and, as DS2 still co-sleeps, after just one night the husbeast declared that there just wasn't enough room for all 3 of in a double bed...something I was inclined to agree with (neither me or husbeast are petite LOL!)

Cue me spending my hard saved (for an iPhone!) money on a super king size bed.  It arrived at the end of last week and OMG it is huge (and you need a step ladder to get in it!) It is literally the comfiest thing I have ever slept in so am one happy bunny in that respect (and DS1 thinks it's okay as well!)

Sooo....why are we all knackered??  Well, as I said over the bank holiday weekend all the LO caught some crappy cold/flu bug and so they spent several days each up all night.  DS2 is still in the end stages so has a constant stream of snot and is up most of the night feeding.

And then there is husbeast...who has always slept like the dead.  Quite literally, as it normally takes me up to an hour to get him to wake up of a morning and he can sleep through, well anything I have ever tried!!  Over the last couple of years due to working more hours than humanly possible, stress at work etc he is always tired and generally comes home and falls asleep straight the way and spends most of the weekend sleeping too.  At the beginning of the year he was pretty ill and started waking at night (which has always killed him the next day) and we went through a pretty stressful time over Christmas/New Year and we put a lot of it down to stress so when things were resolved at the end of Jan and we hoped/assumed he would start sleeping better.

Suffice to say, he didn't.

So now he gets up up to hourly - is a total wreck and so am I.  When he does sleep his snoring is monumentally bad so keeps me awake.  Worse, there is a high possibility that it's due to a health issue but getting him to to a) go to the GP and b) getting an appointment with the GP are practically impossible.

I've suffered from insomnia for as long as I can remember but this is just a league of it's own with everyone waking up several times a night, we're all cranky as a result and the worse thing atm is I have a rather urgent WIP to finish knitting and am finding lace work and tiredness leads to a lot of swearing and ripping back.  Ack well, I guess I'll make another cuppa (which is decaff anyway lol) and carry on *yawn*

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