Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Yarn and Sewing

For the last 5+ years my fluffy mail has consisted mainly of cloth nappies, woollies (for cloth nappies) and slings.  They have been my great passion, the basis of many, many of my friendships, the very passion that led me to open my dream online shop and be a WAHM.  Even the reason I joined the forum that I now help mod.

But my babies are growing and DS2 is our last.  At 21 months he is now the oldest child I have ever had without either having a newborn or being imminently due another baby.  Whilst I still BF on demand, he is still in nappies (although he is nappy free at home during the day) and is still worn whilst we are out and for the occasional nap at home, I feel like a huge important chapter of my life is coming to an end...and I don't feel ready.  I feel at a loss and like I suddenly don't belong.   My experience seems to becoming outdated and I feel, well, old!

So, in my usual fashion, I have thrown myself into another hobby and gone back to crafting.  Last year I finally started to teach myself to knit, something I have longed to do since my love for longies etc began (alas rather too late to make my own LO longies and soakers though!)   As I have destashed my baby things I have manically stashed yarn and other knitting notions (Knitpro needles hehe!)
So today's fluff to cheer my up was a large parcel of Schoppel Wolle Zauberball from the lovely Sarah at Brownberry Yarns.  Honestly I now have so much yarn that I could probably knit shawls and socks and other things until I am old and past it...but hey it makes me happy. And if nothing else I will just gaze at the gorgeous yarn and dream of what I could make!

Since my current knitting project - a surprise craft fairy shawl - hit a huge bump last night that ended in me having to frog 2 days knitting (leaving me worried I may not have time to actually finish unless I knit like a mad thing!)  and today I am feeling once again, ridiculously tired and generally pee'd off I decided it was best not to try and do any - instead I am working on my other project of sewing myself project bags and needle cases for my rather vast Knitpro collection. My first project bag is done but is about to be unpicked and have the top sewn again as I am unhappy with it (was distracted and then my needle broke as well as my bobbin running out - one of *those* cursed sewing projects!)

So I will go back to my sewing, ignore the bomb site that is the house after a couple of days of laziness, and try to push the concerns about not belonging and my future to the back of my mind.  The husbeast is away tonight so just me and the small snotty ones to sort out...I feel a rather lazy night of DVD's and snacking ahead!

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