Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Oooo, a blog!

Well, why not!  Now whether I'll manage to keep up with it or ever let anyone else read it, well that's another matter hehe.   If nothing else I'll post a load of depressing ranting and bore people to tears!

So, why now?  Well, in just 12 days I am 30.  Not that big a deal, I know and in reality being 30 doesn't *really* bother me.  Birthdays however, I always seem to feel sad about and this year more than ever I have been looking at myself and thinking...blah!  So what better milestone to start to try to change the things I'm miserable about and change/improve my perception of myself and life as a whole.  My twenties have been punctuated with more crap than I care to admit BUT I have survived it all, so time to take my thirties for making myself happy.

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