Monday, 19 April 2010

Just another manic Monday....

I'm not a fan of Monday's - never have been :S

Today I have been pretty productive though - hand dyeing yarn for the first time.  I thought I would buy a couple of skeins of naked yarn with my last Violet Green order - meant to buy sock weight but accidently (duh!) bought aran so used the Wilton that I already had in the cupboard in Sky Blue and Kelly Green as DS1 has requested I knit him something with it.  It's drying now so fingers crossed it looks okay - and knits up okay as well!  It was very enjoyable though and I'll definitely do more...hoping to get some kool aid as well as more Wilton's

I really, really have no excuses left and HAVE to sit and knit like a manic thing to finish my craft fairy's actually making me feel anxious now but I just haven't seemed to find time to sit and do much over the weekend.

Fingers crossed as well for the husbeast - who is at the GP in an hour and a half to finally try to get to the bottom of what is wrong with him.

Right - puter off and needles out....

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