Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I think that just about sums it up!

I now have a love hate relationship with this damn shawl - I love the pattern, love the yarn, love how it looks, HATE knitting it, HATE that it has taken me so long and that I just can't seem to knit it for more than 5 mins but neeeeeed to and HATE that I can't do anything else crafty until it is done.  I want to do 6 more repeats of the lace pattern before I start the bottom edge and bind off - but the way I am going that could take me another week and then it needs blocking, drying and posting off...

Have had a stressful morning as the shop admin was hacked, have insurance issues (umm I may have forgotten to change the DD details when we changed banks again) and the LO won't let me make a phone call in peace to sort it, did I mention DD was up a gazillion times AGAIN last night so am knackered AGAIN and am stressed over the husbeast - he is now having a barrage of tests over the next couple of days to try and get to the bottom of whatever is wrong with him.

*Sigh* I just can't concentrate and the whole craft fairy thing is making me more stressed....I could be the first ever mod to be banned from craft fairy LOL!!

I actually feel sick with stress...which is never good.  And yet I am still sat at the puter and not knitting!

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